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The Ultimate Solo Session - 1-2 people

If you like vibing by yourself and being in your own world, then this lane is all you. The Personal size lets you burn 2-4 grams for at least an hour. You’ll get to kick your feet up and fully enjoy your smoke - on your terms. Be your own boss and keep it Personal.

Boss up in 3 steps:

-10 Skewers - creates airflow which makes it super smooth
-1 Wooden tip - protects your lips and gives a classier feel
-Cannagar Mold - allows you to easily store and cure your dope cannabis cigar
-Built-in Funnel - easily pack your mold without the mess
-Packing Tool - helps you compress cannabis for a slow-burning experience

Cannagar Size: Personal

Fits: 2-4 grams (perfect for a solo session)
Smokes: 1 hour+ solo (dependent on how many people smoking and how heavy your lungs are)

Dimensions: 0.375 inch diameter x 3.5 inches long

Ring Gauge: 24

Weight9.5 ozDimensions9.5 × 3.75 × 1.75 in

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