The part of a pipe or bong that holds flower is called a bowl. As they slide out to clear the chamber and inhale smoke, they are also referred to as a "slide" in bongs because they are typically removable.The practice of filling a bowl with flower for a smoke session is referred to as "packing a bowl."

You will need to break down some buds once you have a pipe or bong. You can grind them loosely in a grinder or break them up into small pieces with your hands.You will not be able to draw in smoke if you pack it too tightly.
You'll need heat once the bowl is packed. Because butane can alter the flavor of the hit, some people use hemp wicks and most people use butane pocket lighters, like a BIC.Light the end of the hemp wick and use that to light the bowl if you're using one.
Before packing a bowl, you can also cover the flower with a screen to prevent inhaling plant debris.Smoking hash from a bowl requires screens because they prevent the hash from clogging the hole.

It is simple to clean removable bowls and small pipes by submerging them in isopropyl alcohol for thirty minutes and then wiping them down.Isopropyl-dipped cotton swabs can be used to clean larger pieces.