Domeless nail

A nail, which holds concentrate in a dab rig, can be used. Domed nails have an additional glass dome piece around the nail that helps contain vapor when dabbing. Domeless nails are open and typically require a carb cap to help regulate airflow.

In order to regulate airflow and contain vapor, dome nails require an additional glass dome to be placed around the heated nail. Later, domeless nails were developed to eliminate domes and require the use of a carb cap, which also regulates airflow and generates convective heat more effectively and consistently than a dome.
Domeless nails have become the standard because they are easier to use with a carb cap, but some dabbers prefer using dome nails because they allow you to keep a safe distance from a hot nail. Additionally, domes are less appealing due to their ease of breaking.

Using a torch, heat your nail to the desired temperature and let it cool. Set the dial to the desired temperature and wait for the e-nail to heat up if using one. Place a carb cap over your dab or glob of concentrate, place it on the nail, and inhale. Use rubbing alcohol to clean your nail after it has cooled.