Honeycomb perc

A horizontal, disc-shaped, circular percolator with numerous slits or holes that is typically welded into the body of a bong or dab rig. Honeycomb percs are common names for disc percs with numerous small holes.

The disc perc is one of the simplest designs of the various percolators. It is a horizontal, disc-shaped, circular percolator that is welded into the body of a bong or dab rig. It is covered in holes or slits. A honeycomb perc is a common name for a disc perc with a lot of small holes; Honeycomb percs, on the other hand, are discs covered in holes that are contained within the body of a piece rather than welded into the body. A fritted disc, which has numerous tiny glass fragments bonded together and countless tiny holes throughout, is a similar type of percolator that produces a very high level of diffusion.
Disc percs produce high-quality diffusion while being less expensive and simpler to clean than other types of percolators.To increase diffusion, a disc percolator can be combined with other percolators.