Swiss perc

It's also known as a Swiss cheese percolator because it looks like Swiss cheese—a round disc with holes. Swiss percs are bongs or rigs with vertical discs with holes in the body. Smoke is forced around the holes to cool. Honeycomb percs, on the other hand, are horizontal discs inside the bong or rig's body.

The Swiss perc, also known as a Swiss cheese percolator, was developed by well-known glassblower Nate Dizzle and made its way into the market toward the end of the 2000s. The thin, vertical disc in the body of the pipe is covered in holes, giving the design its name because it looks like a wheel of Swiss cheese.
A Swiss perc cools smoke, making hits smoother and less harsh on the throat, as with all percolators. Swiss percs are one of a kind because the large holes are in the body of the bong or rig itself, not separate from it.Smoke is slowed down as it travels through the piece by the large holes, creating a smoke show that is pleasing to the eye and giving typically clear objects an air of heady style.