An "electronic nail" is used to heat and take dabs with an e-nail. E-nails electronically heat concentrates rather than using an open flame to heat a nail, which is a piece on a dab rig where concentrates are vaporized. This allows dabbers to select and maintain a desired temperature, resulting in safer and more consistent dabs.

A piece of specialized smoking equipment for dabbers who consume concentrates is known as an e-nail. When dabbing oil, electronic nails take the place of open flames as the heat source.
A nail, which is an attachment on a dab rig, is typically heated to a red hot temperature with a torch, and extracts are inserted into a nail. Instead, an e-nail is an attachment that heats up electronically to produce concentrates and can be attached to the dab rig or a nail. E-nails can be powered by a battery or plug into the wall.

E-nails eliminate the need for torches or butane, which not only saves money but also makes it safer because you won't have to deal with a torch. It is also much better for the environment to get rid of butane and the cans it comes in.

Additionally, e-nails give you total control over the temperature of your dabs, allowing you to gradually adjust it. Terpenes can be maximized at lower temperatures.
E-nails also let you keep the temperature the same, so you won't have to heat and reheat the nail like you would with a torch.

Using an e-nail is similar to using a regular nail and is simpler. Wait for the e-nail to reach the desired temperature before dabbing. Select the desired temperature. Just as you would with a traditional nail heated by a torch, apply your dab of concentrate to your e-nail and, if you have one, use a carb cap. Rub rubbing alcohol over your e-nail after it has cooled.