A type of percolator found in glass dab rigs and bongs that consists of a number of stacked disc-shaped bubbler chambers. When smoke or vapor is inhaled, water moves up each chamber like a ladder. Ladder percs, like all percolators, cool and filter smoke, resulting in smoother hits.

Micah Evans, a senior designer at GRAV, a glassware company based in Texas, created the ladder percolator.The "ladder" is a stack of bubbler chambers that quickly cool smoke or vapor and produce a plethora of bubbles when inhaled. By cooling and filtering smoke or vapor, ladder percs enable big, smooth hits.

A ladder perc is extremely challenging to clean with a tool due to its design.Ladder percolators, like other types of percolators, should be cleaned on a regular basis because they can quickly accumulate residue and become clogged.
Filling a ladder perc with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt until the perc is submerged is the best method for cleaning a piece. Give it a light shake to break up any buildup, and then let it sit for at least an hour.Once it has been thoroughly rinsed with hot water and dried, it can be used again.