a common material that can be found in dabbing nails, like a quartz banger. Quartz is ideal for dabbing because it can withstand high temperatures for longer periods of time.

Quartz, also known as clear-fused quartz or fused silica, is silicon dioxide (SiO2). Silicon and oxygen make up this solid, amorphous (non-crystalline) substance. Quartz is distinct from conventional glass because it does not contain any other materials.
Pure silica sand containing quartz crystals must be melted or fused in order to produce fused quartz. Quartz has a high thermal conductivity due to its purity, and it is frequently utilized in materials intended for use in laboratories.

Dabbers enjoy using quartz bangers. Quartz is used to make this bucket-shaped nail, which is also known as a "banger." A quartz banger is used to heat  concentrates before inhaling them.
Quartz is excellent for low-temperature dabbing, which preserves flavors and terpenes more effectively than regular dabbing.