A small carrying case with a chamber containing ground-up flower and a one-hitter pipe. A dugout is a handy all-in-one kit that lets a smoker smoke while on the go by pulling out the one-hitter, packing it with bud from the chamber, and smoking.

Active smokers benefit greatly from dugouts. Everything you need to smoke while on the go is contained in these carrying cases:a chamber containing cannabis, typically pre-ground, and a one-hitter pipe To clean the one-hitter, many dugouts also have a metal poker and some have small grinders.
Smokers can quickly fill a dugout to consume a small amount. They usually aren't meant to be used for sitting down and smoking for a long time, but rather for taking a few quick hits while moving around and being active.
Dugouts used to be made of wood, but more recent models are made of plastic, rubber, and other non-breakable materials. Dugouts can be purchased worldwide online and at head shops for a generally low price.

The design of each dugout varies slightly, but its general purpose is the same.A grinder is included in some, but not others.One-hitters perform best with ground flower, so if your dugout does not have a grinder, you should grind some flower and store it in the storage chamber of the dugout.
When you are ready to smoke, either tap out some ground bud into the bowl while holding the one-hitter vertically or pull out the one-hitter and pack it by tamping it in the storage chamber. Put a flame on the one-hitter before smoking to prevent the ground flower from falling out. You can clean the one-hitter before putting it back in the dugout if it comes with a metal poker.