A type of joint with a cone-like shape on one end that narrows to a small end when used with a crutch or filter. They don't need to be relit because their shape makes for a smoother burn. In most places, pre-rolls are cones made by filling a cone that has already been formed with ground flower. However, empty cones can also be purchased and filled with ground of one's choice.

A joint that starts small at the crutch or inhaling end and grows to its tip is called a cone. Due to their resemblance to baseball bats, they are also referred to as "bats."In comparison to a straight joint of the same length, the shape allows for a burn that is smoother and can hold more ground flower. Additionally, it is believed that the shape prevents plant oils from congealing too quickly, enhancing the joint's smokability. The most common pre-roll is a cone.

People who can't roll joints by hand and don't want to deal with a hand roller started producing and selling empty cones. At smoke shops across the nation, a variety of paper brands, including Raw and Zig-Zag, sell empty cones.
Simply grind some flower and stuff it into an empty cone to roll a cone. You won't be able to shape the flower you're packing if it isn't finely ground, like a joint you roll. Pack the flower gently and in stages with a tool like a pen or dab stick: first a small amount, then a larger amount, etc.,until the entire cone is used.