A small water pipe that is used to smoke flower. It has a water chamber for filtering and purifying smoke, just like a bong.However, it lacks a bowl that can be removed to remove smoke;instead, a carb is used for this.

A bubbler has the same features as a bong but is smaller. A bubbler, like a bong, has a bowl, water chamber, stem, and mouthpiece. However, unlike bongs, which typically have removable bowls on larger water pipes, bubblers have a fixed bowl.On a bubbler, the carb is incorporated into the side of the bowl, allowing smoke to exit the chamber. While a bubbler cools the smoke.

Because many bubblers are small, made of glass, and do not have any parts that can be removed, cleaning them can be difficult. You won't be able to clean its interior.The most ideal way to clean a bubbler is by filling it with isopropyl liquor (close to 100%) and coarse salt. Give it a good shake every once in a while after it has been sitting for an hour to dissolve the resin that has built up and make the glass clean.
With a glass bowl and silicone construction, some bubblersThese typically disassemble completely, making cleaning much simpler. However, the highest standard for quality in smoking accessories is still glass.