A "dab" is a flash vaporization of an extract on a hot surface followed by inhalation through a pipe of the vapor. You need a dab rig to dab, which is typically a glass pipe with specific attachments for applying extracts.

Dabbing is the process of flash-vaporizing extracts, or "dabs," from a hot surface before inhaling them to get powerful, fast-acting effects. Dabbing requires a special glass pipe attachment, usually referred to as a "nail." Cannabis oil is applied to the nail after it has cooled, typically using a handheld butane torch like a culinary torch. You inhale like you would when hitting a bong or pipe as the oil rises in a cloud of vapor. To better control the hit, you can cover the nail with a carb cap.

Dabbing oils do not require the use of harsh plant material because they are refined during an extraction process. However, it is essential to consume extracts that have been tested in a laboratory and have been free of any residual solvents or contaminants.

The technology that can be used to dab has grown in tandem with the rise in its popularity. However, the following tools are required for traditional dabbing:
Dabber—an applicator tool, typically a metal or glass stick with a pointed end to handle extracts The nail is heated using the torch, typically for about 30 seconds, depending on the material of the nail. Dab rig (small glass water pipe) Nail, which rests in the same socket that would otherwise hold a bowl pieceIn order to ensure that the vapor does not burn your throat, it is allowed to cool, again, depending on the material of the nail. Use a dabber to scoop a small amount of concentrate from its container once it has reached the ideal temperature.Inhale after using your dab. Before inhaling, place the carb cap over the nail if you are using one.