Dab mat

A mat that is placed underneath a rig when dabbing and is made of non-stick material, typically silicone. It is constructed to safeguard the rig's surface and keep it in place. Additionally, it provides a place to rest dab tools and manipulate sticky concentrates.

Dab mats are intended to safeguard the apparatus and the surface on which it rests. A dab mat can help prevent glass rigs from breaking on a table because they tend to slide around.
When dabbing, dab mats will also keep oil and resin from getting on your surface. Additionally, they provide a secure location for hot items like a torch, dab tool, or carb cap.

Most dab mats are made of nonstick material, making cleaning them simple. Typically, all that is required to clean it is soap and water. If you want to get rid of a lot of sticky concentrates, isopropyl alcohol can help.