"The Mother Borg" Lace Face x Karma Glass Collab

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Mother Borg Piece By Lace Face and Karma.

"The Mother Borg" is an awe-inspiring collaboration between two visionary artists, Karma Glass and Lace Face (Lacy), combining their unique talents to create a functional glass art masterpiece. This intricately designed piece showcases Lacy's renowned expertise in crafting cyborg-inspired creations, while Karma Glass contributes his exceptional skill in working with transparent rainbow stringer tube pulls and white stringer breaks.

This collaborative effort is an embodiment of technological marvel and artistic ingenuity. Its design incorporates a multitude of electrical connection points, reminiscent of satellites, resistors, and capacitors. These connections bring the piece to life, electrifying it with a pulsating energy.

Throughout the glasswork, synthetic opals are strategically placed, adding a touch of elegance and intrigue. These opals, with their shimmering hues and captivating iridescence, create focal points that draw the viewer's attention. Moreover, the piece features UV reactive colors, adding a dynamic element that glows and illuminates under ultraviolet light, captivating the senses with a vibrant and otherworldly ambiance.

"The Mother Borg" incorporates marbles and other intricate designs, further enhancing its complexity and visual appeal. Each element is meticulously placed to create a harmonious composition, showcasing the artists' meticulous attention to detail and their mastery of glass artistry.

Overall, This Queen stands as a testament to the collaborative genius of Karma Glass and Lace Face (Lacy). It is a fusion of art, technology, and craftsmanship, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in glass art. With its intricate design, electrifying elements, opulent opals, and UV reactive colors, this extraordinary piece captivates the imagination and invites viewers into a realm where creativity knows no bounds.

Artist Bio

Lacey "LaceFace" Walton, born in Oregon, discovered her passion for glass blowing at a young age. With an unwavering determination to create beauty, she fell in love with the fluidity, color, and form of glass when she first started working on the torch in 2004. While honing her skills as a glass artist, Lacey simultaneously pursued her education, earning an associate degree in the Arts.

Deeply immersed in the expanding glass art pipe movement, Lacey began attending trade shows and flame off competitions across the country in 2009. Her dedication and talent were soon recognized, as she received numerous accolades and prestigious awards for her exceptional achievements within the industry.

Driven by a desire to push her artistry further, Lacey embarked on collaborations with renowned artists, allowing her to explore new creative territories and work outside her comfort zone. These collaborations played a significant role in the evolution of her style and enabled her to create innovative works of art.

Lacey's modern masterpieces of glass art reflect her spirit and determination to succeed in a male-dominated industry. Her pieces carry strong spiritual themes, gracefully intertwining curvy lines with elements inspired by the natural world. Animals, flowers, and the human form find expression in her works, showcasing the artist's belief in the inherent energy of glass, which holds a unique relationship with the powerful elements of Fire and Air.

One of Lacey's inspirations for her art comes from the ritualistic and spiritual qualities of pipes. She aspires to elevate functional art to a higher form that can be regarded as sacred, statuesque, or shamanic. Lacey believes that the medium of glass, combined with ancient sacraments, provides a means for society to attain a higher consciousness while fostering communal experiences through the ritualistic act of smoking.

Lacey's artistic journey has been marked by numerous exhibitions, showcases, and demonstrations. Her exceptional contributions have garnered recognition and awards at various prestigious events, such as the American Glass Expo Awards and the World's Greatest Flame-Off. Lacey's name has become synonymous with excellence and innovation in the glass art community.

Through her dedication to her craft and unwavering pursuit of artistic expression, Lacey "LaceFace" Walton has established herself as a leading figure in the world of glass art. Her captivating creations serve as testaments to her remarkable talent, spiritual connection, and her enduring impact on the field of glass blowing.


10mm joint size

5.2L X 5W X9H

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