"The Mother Borg" Lace Face X Karma Glass Collab

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Mother Borg Piece By Lace Face & Karma Features Multiple UV reactive colors through out With LaceFace's Cyborg Tech and Karma's Rainbow Tech Linework, Makes this piece such an ornate relic of a collaboration!

This piece stands out HARD when hit with the UV light! The crazy details from the Rainbow Eye Patch Milli on the front right eye, the satellites on the front & back, The opals, Resisters, Capacitors, There is just so much to look at with so much detail! You will find a new detail you haven't found every day the more you look at it!

The Mother Borg has an abundant amount of Marbles nestled through out and Glass "Wires" That connecting one point to another leading to an infinite amount of energy being harnessed to bring " The Mother Borg" to life!



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