Nano Matrix V2 Mobius

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A little luxury

At a comfortable size to hold & with little effort required to rip, this piece is a small luxury that is worth the price point.
If you like scientific glass in a small form factor, I'd strongly recommend this purchase.

The matrix perc is absolutely flawless in mine, the downstem is great, and the whole thing is easy to clean.
The V2 design is more ergonomic than the previous version, seems very durable [will update if issues arise] & is engraved neatly.
Back in the day (2014), I purchased the Nano Matrix (V1?), and paired it with a Sovereignty Glass downstem as my first setup. I enjoyed several years with it before it inevitably & regrettably shattered. This right here stacks up against my nostalgia for that first setup, enough said.

Although at time of purchase I couldn't find shipping information about this, but they handle discreet and safe packaging very well - worth it for sure, even considering the amount that SmokeATX adds to your cart for shipping insurance. That being said, I used a promotion code, and it basically cancelled out the cost. Double boxed, simple but small text labels on the outside, tons of packing material, no hassle. Shipping also arrived 2 days early, from the cheapest option.

Customer service was absolutely excellent, and reached out to me immediately after purchase.

Thanks again, Eddie!


  • Overall height 14"
  • Height to the opening of the 14mm Female joint 5”
  • 3.5" Diameter Foot x 10mm thick
  • Features a 32mm Matrix perc with a minimum of 104 diffusion holes
  • 3 hole revolving splashguard 
  • Inner Maria Icepinch
  • 4 Sandblasted logos - 1 deep carved Mobius Logo
  • American made Hand-formed Custom Mobius Rounded 19/20 Female Joint
  • Removable Rifled Mobius Downstem ~ 4.5"-5" length- 14 inner 19 outer
  • Unique security hologram authenticity Sticker with serial and QR Code
  • 60x5mm Body
  • 50x3.5mm Perc Sleeve
  • 38x4mm Mouthpiece
  • Includes 14mm single hole clear slide
  • Made in California

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