Ion Reti V1 Gold Fume Series Mobius

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The custom Gold fume scientific bubbler V1 by Circle of Mobius is a high-quality piece that features an Ion Matrix V1 (OG) design. This particular item is #6 of 2023 and has a number of impressive features.

The piece has a 5.5" diameter foot that is 10mm thick, providing a sturdy base for the rest of the bubbler. The can is 4.5" tall and measures 65x5mm. It features a 19/26 female Dewar seal fitting for added stability.

The Reti Perc is a standout feature of this piece, featuring a multi-layered perc with perpendicular cross-cuts. This creates a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. The mouthpiece is 19x3.2mm and provides a comfortable fit for the user.

The piece has several sandblasted logos, including "Mobius", "Reti Perc", and "Made in Cali". There is also an internal "MB" logo that is sandblasted.

Included with the piece is a single 19mm "snap style" bowl, making it ready to use right out of the box.

Overall, this custom Gold fume scientific bubbler V1 by Circle of Mobius is a stunning piece that is expertly crafted and made in Cali.

  • Ion Matrix V1 (OG)
  • 5.5" Diameter Foot
  • 10mm thick foot
  • 4.5" tall Can / 65x5mm Can
  • 19/26 Female Dewar seal fitting
  • Reti Perc featuring a multi-layered perc with perpendicular cross-cuts
  • 19x3.2mm Mouthpiece
  • Sandblasted "Mobius" logo
  • Sandblasted "Reti Perc" logo
  • Sandblasted "Made in Cali" logo
  • Sandblasted internal "MB" logo
  • Included Single 19mm "snap style" bowl
  • Made in California

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