Encalmo Cobra Snake by Niko Cray

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Introducing Niko Cray's extraordinary functional glass art Cobra snake masterpiece born from the innovative "Vac Stak" technique. This meticulous process involves placing cadmium colors, transitioning seamlessly from radiant yellows to captivating red and orange hues, within clear tubing. White color strings divide the colors, while a lathe, or smaller rollers, and a vacuum extract any air bubbles that may form.

The Cobra's head boasts a mesmerizing reversal or "wigwag" technique, creating an intricate back-and-forth "W" pattern, showcasing Niko's mastery of line work. The eyes, adorned with coin synthetic opals, add opulence to the serpent's gaze.

Symbolism intertwines with artistry as the snake's tail forms an infinity shape, culminating in a wide-open mouth, poised for attack. A 14mm ground joint elegantly protrudes from the side, while the mouthpiece rests atop the snake's head. This stunning piece harmonizes craftsmanship, a vivid cadmium color palette, and intricate techniques, transforming it into a functional glass art rig that is as captivating as it is masterful.

Approximate Dimensions: 

 joint Size: 14mm

 Artist BIO: 

Niko Cray, a second-generation glass artist from St. Louis, Missouri, continues a family tradition ignited by his father's 34-year legacy in glassblowing. Introduced to the craft at the age of 6, Niko received his first blow tube, marking the beginning of a journey deeply rooted in the heart of the Midwest.

Drawing inspiration from industry luminaries such as Banjo and Marcel, Niko embraces the rich artistic heritage of St. Louis in his sculptural art, while also appreciating the diverse influences of contemporary glassblowers. His favorite technique, sock flips, reflects a passion for both tradition and innovation.

Amidst the demands of family life, with a wife and son keeping him grounded, Niko finds motivation in the tireless work ethic exemplified by Banjo. Beyond the studio, he enjoys the scenic roads of St. Louis, riding motorcycles with his son, and endeavors to nurture a resilient, young spirit in his family life.

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