Custom Solo Signature Series Dry Pipe w Opal Accents Box Fan Helix

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During my formative years as a pipe maker, I had the invaluable opportunity to apprentice under the legendary Bob Snodgrass. Under his mentorship, I honed my craft, learning the intricate techniques and time-honored traditions of glassblowing. Bob Snodgrass' expertise and guidance were instrumental in shaping my journey as an artist and innovator in the smoking industry.

His dedication to pushing the boundaries of glass artistry and his pioneering spirit inspired me to explore new creative avenues and push the limits of what was possible with glass pipes. The knowledge and skills I gained during my apprenticeship with Bob Snodgrass continue to inform and influence my work at American Helix, as I strive to uphold his legacy of craftsmanship and innovation.

Apprenticing under Bob Snodgrass was a transformative experience that laid the foundation for my career as a pipe maker and entrepreneur. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to learn from a master of the craft and carry forward his legacy in the world of smoking accessories.

Welcome to American Helix,

My journey into crafting innovative smoking technology began with a simple goal: to make high-quality, user-friendly products accessible for everyday use. Drawing from my expertise in fluid dynamics and my background as a pipe maker, I set out to simplify complex concepts into practical solutions. Inspired by Bernoulli's principle of venturi, I sought to replicate the refreshing air stream I first encountered in Bob Snodgrass' living room.

In 2007, the introduction of the Helix design garnered widespread acclaim across Texas, quickly becoming the top-selling handpiece in many shops. However, as demand surged, I realized the need for a partner to scale production. In 2008, a fruitful partnership was formed with a growing manufacturer/distributor based in Austin.

Together, we propelled the Helix to become the #1 selling hand pipe in America by 2010. Yet, as happens in some collaborations, our visions diverged over time. In 2012, I made the decision to forge my own path, prioritizing quality in both our products and our relationships with retailers. Thus, American Helix was born.

Under my leadership, American Helix remains dedicated to crafting superior smoking accessories and fostering strong partnerships within the industry. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we continue to redefine the smoking experience for enthusiasts nationwide.

Approximately L 7.5" x W 2.5" x 2.5"

Weight 7oz

Made in Texas

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