65T V5 Stereo Matrix Mobius

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Introducing the next era of Mobius, a small and decentralized crew that has adapted to the changes brought by the Covid pandemic of 2020. Despite the challenges, we have managed to make the best of the situation and continue to push forward into new and exciting territories.

Leading the way is John, also known as Circle, who was born and raised on a 400-acre farm in the Central Valley of California. Growing up, John developed a love for open spaces and creation, fostered by his mother's part-time organic farming and his father's carpentry work. After his parents' divorce, John moved to a nearby small town and shifted his focus to studying music, which became central to his upbringing. He spent much of his free time skateboarding, exploring the Sierra Nevada Mountains, fishing, and camping.

Despite financial struggles, John was determined to pursue a formal music education in college and worked tirelessly to earn scholarships through auditions, honor bands, and thousands of hours of practice on the trombone and tuba. After graduating high school, he received a full scholarship to CSU Northridge but his plans were derailed when his mother passed away from a caught-too-late form of leukemia.

John found himself adrift without parents at the age of 19, unsure of what to do with his life. One day, he stumbled upon a smoke shop in Reseda, CA called "The System" and was introduced to the idea of melting glass by a glassblower named Pyro. John dropped out of college and seized the opportunity to become an apprentice, hoping to learn enough to make a hand pipe and support himself financially.

21 years later, John continues to find great satisfaction in working with his hands and creating objects that function well and are pleasing to look at. He approaches glassmaking with the same focus and discipline he applied to music, constantly striving to improve his technique and fundamentals.

Today, John lives in Central Coast, California with his wife and their two children. They continue to carry on the organic farming tradition of their past, with a family garden of 20 raised beds, a greenhouse, small orchard, 27 chickens, and 7 noisy ducks. When they are not gardening, they enjoy surfing, hiking, paddleboarding, and other adventures. John is an obsessed trail runner and has a distant future goal of running the Western States 100.

Join us in embracing the next era of Mobius, led by the skilled and dedicated John, as we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of glassmaking.

2022 Redesign Released February 2022

  • Overall height 16"
  • Height of 19mm Female joint 6”
  • 4.5” Diameter Foot x 10mm thick
  • 38mm Stereo Matrix perc with a minimum of 180 holes
  • Deep Carved Sandblasted logo
  • American made Custom Mobius Rounded hand-formed 19/20 Female Joint
  • Unique security hologram authenticity Sticker with serial and QR Code
  • 65x5mm Body
  • 26x4mm Mouthpiece
  • Includes 19mm Mulit-hole clear slide
  • 65T V5 Defined... 65 = 65mm Body • T = Tube • V5 = Version 5
  • Made in California

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