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Beautiful Collaboration between DOSH & Calm on this "Burd lock" hand pipe. The blue over Unubtanium as well as " Alien Tech" which is amber purple over unobtanium with other colors as well as DOSH signature fume tech.

Brian Dosher, renowned as "Dosh World" in the functional glass art community, has forged an unconventional and awe-inspiring path in the world of glassblowing since 1997. With over two decades of dedication to his craft, Dosher stands as a visionary artist, continually pushing the boundaries of glass as both an artistic medium and a functional form.

Raised in the enchanting landscapes of Idaho, Dosher's artistic journey finds its roots in his deep connection to the natural world. Inspired by the interplay of light and the fluidity of motion, Dosher's work exudes a unique, captivating aesthetic. His expertise in working with fume and transparent colors allows him to craft functional glass art that is not only utilitarian but also whimsical and visually arresting.

Currently residing in Seattle, Dosher's artistic odyssey has led him on cross-country adventures throughout the United States. These travels have played a pivotal role in his artistic growth, enabling him to refine his craft and draw inspiration from diverse landscapes, people, and experiences.

Operating under the moniker "Dosh World Glass," Dosher has cultivated a dedicated following on platforms like Instagram, where his functional glass art comes to life. Each creation is a testament to his technical mastery, creativity, and unwavering passion for the medium.

Dosher's career as a pipe maker is characterized by both his individuality and his spirit of collaboration. Collaborative endeavors with esteemed artists, including a significant period working alongside Nate Dizzle of Swiss Perc fame, have enriched Dosher's artistic palette and expanded his horizons within the functional glass art world.

A transformative moment in Dosher's journey occurred in 2000 when he had the privilege of witnessing Marcel Braun's sculpting prowess firsthand. This encounter left an indelible mark on Dosher's artistic direction, igniting his determination to continually push the boundaries of functional glass art.

Beyond his artistic achievements, Dosher is deeply intertwined with the functional glass art community. He draws inspiration from the enthusiasm and innovative spirit of young glassblowers, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping the future of the craft.

What sets Dosher apart is not only his artistic prowess but also his remarkable lifestyle choice. He has embraced a nomadic way of life, choosing to disconnect from the digital world by forsaking cell phones and abstaining from social media for over a year. In an era defined by constant connectivity, Dosher's nomadic existence serves as a testament to his commitment to authenticity and his desire to draw inspiration from diverse landscapes and experiences.

Brian Dosher, is not just a pipe maker but a visionary artist who has dedicated his life to functional glass art. His commitment to authenticity, his nomadic lifestyle, and his choice to disconnect from the digital noise reflect his unwavering determination to chart a unique path in the world of glassblowing. His artistry is a testament to the beauty of living authentically and the boundless inspiration that can be found when one embraces a life of exploration and creativity.


H 2"

W 6"

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