UV Salty Tiger 3PC Set - SALT X GD Glass

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Introducing the Functional Glass Art Mini Beaker, a collaborative masterpiece by SALT Glass and GD Glass (Geoff) – two renowned local Austin artists celebrated for their inventive techniques and captivating designs. This extraordinary creation showcases the exceptional skills and boundless creativity of both artists, resulting in a truly unique and captivating masterpiece. Geoff's groundbreaking frit glass technique pushes the boundaries of artistic expression to new heights, evident in the meticulously crafted tiger pattern that serves as the centerpiece of this mini beaker. To elevate the artistry, SALT Glass expertly adds his signature touch with eyes and teeth, seamlessly integrated by both GD and SALT's unparalleled expertise. UV contrasting colors further enhance the piece, creating an eye-catching display that captivates viewers.

SALT's collaborative magic is evident in the intricate details he adds to the art. Masterfully crafting teeth and eyeballs, SALT breathes life into the mini beaker, infusing it with whimsy and character. SALT's skillfully designed open mouth feature is heightened by a protruding tongue, adorned with teeth cleverly shaped like horns – an enchanting twist that adds a playful dimension to the composition.

The chosen color palette for this mini beaker is an inspired fusion of hues. The vibrant combination of Orange Crayon, Jet Black, Lucy, Illuminati, Black Jack, and Star White harmoniously intertwines to create a visually striking and dynamic appearance.

SALT's signature techniques are seamlessly incorporated into the piece. The "Brackish" feature, often portraying eyes and teeth, adds an element of intrigue and personality to the bottom of the beaker. Meanwhile, the "Saltacc" designation denotes the meticulously worked teeth and eyeballs that adorn the piece, adding depth and realism to the artistry.

Incorporating functionality, the "WarpCurl" percolator offers an exceptional smoking experience. Spanning from one side of the beaker to the other and cascading down the back, this intricate percolator design ensures efficient filtration and diffusion, providing smooth hits and a satisfying draw.

This remarkable 3-piece set includes not only the Functional Glass Art Mini Beaker but also a matching pendant and carb cap. The pendant offers a portable and wearable showcase of the captivating artistry, while the carb cap facilitates optimal airflow control during dabbing sessions.

The Functional Glass Art Mini Beaker by SALT Glass and GD Glass is a testament to the extraordinary talent and vision of these local Austin artists. Featuring an entrancing tiger pattern, UV contrasting colors, playful details, and innovative functionality, this piece is a genuine collector's item that will spark conversations and captivate enthusiasts in the world of functional glass art.

Year Made: July 2023, Signed and Dated
Joint Size: 10mm
Rig Size: 3.5" L x 3.5" W x 7.5" H
Pendant Size: 1.5" L x 0.6" W x 2.25" H
Cap Size: 1" L x 1.1" W x 1.1" H
Included: Signed Pelican Case & Picture

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