UV Saltactus Rig by Unparalleled Glass x SALT

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Introducing a mesmerizing fusion of functional glass artistry from the collaborative minds of SALT Glass and Unparallel Glass, this exceptional dab rig takes form in the year 2022, bearing the signature hallmarks of both artisans' craftsmanship. With Unparallel Glass renowned for its cactus-themed creations adorned with delicate flowers and SALT Glass celebrated for its innovative textures and techniques, this piece encapsulates a harmonious blend of creativity and skill.

Design Elements, Colors, and Dimensions: This extraordinary piece stands as a testament to the ingenuity and imagination that glass artists SALT and Unparallel bring to their craft, and it's brought to life with a stunning palette of colors including India Green, Blush, and Blue Glowstick. Noteworthy features include:

  • Glow in the Dark / UV Accents: As if kissed by moonlight, the edges of the enchanting flowers on this rig shimmer with a captivating glow in the dark, set against the backdrop of the deep India Green, Blush, and Blue Glowstick colors. This combination creates a mesmerizing interplay between light and color, casting a spellbinding effect.

  • Salt Eyeball Embellishments: The heart of each flower is graced with a Salt Eyeball, adding an element of intrigue and playfulness that draws the eye and adds depth to the piece.

  • Flower Plug Ground Joint and Mouthpiece: Cleverly disguised, the ground joint and the mouthpiece both take on the guise of flowers, harmonizing the piece's design elements and lending an unexpected touch of whimsy. The blending of colors ensures that the disguise seamlessly integrates into the piece's overall aesthetic.

  • Rooted Beaker Base: At the foundation of the piece, intricately crafted roots entwine within the clear beaker base, anchoring the piece while introducing a natural element to the overall design.

  • Flower Buds and Salt Eyeballs: Ascending from the base, an array of flower buds and blossoms emerge, each crowned by a mesmerizing Salt Eyeball at its center. The India Green, Blush, and Blue Glowstick colors contribute to the richness and depth of these floral accents.

  • Intricately Designed Teeth: Evoking the essence of a cactus monster, this piece features an array of sharp teeth converging at the top, forming a formidable barrier. These teeth are reminiscent of a spiral, an enchanting touch that echoes the natural world. The subtle gradation of the color palette adds dimension to these intriguing elements.

  • SALT's Distinctive Textures: SALT's masterful textures, applied with the precision of suction cups, create an inviting tactile experience, inviting exploration and engagement with the piece on a sensory level.

Dimensions and Joint Size: Approximately L 4.5" x W 4" x H 9", this piece boasts a compact yet captivating presence. The 10mm joint ensures seamless compatibility with various accessories, allowing for a versatile smoking experience.

Embrace the synergy of two visionary glass artists and the culmination of their expertise in this dab rig masterpiece. With its intricate details, inventive design, captivating colors, precise dimensions, and skillful use of textures, this creation is more than just a functional piece—it's a work of art that invites you to explore the imagination and craftsmanship behind it.

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