The Simpson's Rig by Windstar Glass

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  Artist Bio

The kindling for Windstar Glass was always present in Shayla Berhman, evident to anyone who knew her.  From her early sketches in the dense wilderness of the San Isabel forest in Southern Colorado to her junior years  starting out with glass, shayla -or- Windstar herself - was always a wildfire ready to ignite.  and ignite she did!

Early Work:  the artistic process is an individual experience, and for many glass blowers it beings with production lampworking.  many start by crafting simple clear spoons (pipes), churning them out one after another. it was the same for Shayla, who embarked on her glassblowing career in 2014, shortly after the birth of her daughter.  Working in her mother's head shop studio, shayla was destined to flourish amidst the horde of traveling artisans who came to sell and create, with whom she interacted.  What would later become her signature style was nurtured early by glass artist Brock Sibley, who was the first to introduce her to stringer tech. Stringer tech is a technique of drawing on glass with glass, reminiscent of sketching with pen and paper, and it was a skill at which shayla excelled.  Drawing on her previous work rendering 2d images on paper drawing with glass almost came natural to Shayla. For windstar, those simple spoons quickly evolved into larger, more ornate projects and collaborations that showcased her abilities.

Career:  After starting her own studio, Shayla honed her work into a technique she call "Stained glass tech".  By combining stringer tech, with dark lines and transparent colors Shayla created a unique artistic style.  This combined with her strong foundational skills and striking sculpting, earned her numerous awards at glass shows, competitions, and venues across the United states.

Achievements and Philanthropy:  Windstar has placed in the top 6 at Champs glass games 4 times and has earned Peoples choice award and artist choice award Twice.  At Glass Vegas she has received multiple awards for her unique  and distinct pieces, and In 2021 Windstar Placed 2nd at the Pipe Classic. Shayla has also been invited to other countries to teach and create, sharing techniques and spreading the brand of Windstar far and wide.  Most of her fans, of which she has many, know her for her sculpted work that embodies femininity, motherhood, spirituality and power.  These pieces are artworks in their own right, but Shayla often donates them to philanthropic events like the Michigan Glass Project (2023) and the Injured Artist Fund (Glass Vegas), which assist artists who have suffered and are in need of assistance.  

Current work:  Between driving across the country and preparing to create her next big project,  Shayla lives and works from home with her daughter in Pueblo Colorado where she hopes to one day build a massive studio for local and traveling artists, as well as offer classes to youth and those suffering from PTSD.  At home she is surrounded by a host of family and friends who value her company, good cheer, and graceful nature.  For many artist, they create what they see - Beautiful vistas, iconic characters, and elaborate mechanisms. for Shayla, her work has always been a development of internal beauty externalized. to step into her shoes, it would be easy to see her inspirations, From the serene monarch butterflies seen on a hike in the rockies to chaos of everyday life as a single mother..  The embers that burned within her as an adolescent turned into an inferno under strong winds that have always favored her, transforming her flame into a ball of fire rivaling the sun: Truly, a Windstar.

Approximately L 4" x W 3" x H 7"

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