Stitched Gorilla Head Pendant Firefly x Ghost Glass

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The gorilla head for sale is a unique art piece created by two artists, Ghost and Firefly. Firefly is known for creating detailed gorilla head pendants, while Ghost specializes in zombie-themed art.

This gorilla head art piece features a stitched mouth and one eye, with the other eye adorned with an opal pendant. The gorilla head has long hair on top that is purple in color and tied up with yellow accents. The piece mainly features CFL light, which changes color from light grey to purple.

The gorilla head is signed and dated by both artists, indicating that it is an original creation from 2022. It is a one-of-a-kind art piece that would make an interesting addition to any collection of unique and creative artwork.


H 2.5"

L 1.25"

W 1.25

Artist BIO: 

Ghost, a flame-working artist based in Chicagoland, has immersed himself in the captivating world of glass for over two decades. Inspired by the mysterious and macabre, his creations range from aliens and zombies to skulls and demons, exploring the darker facets of artistic expression.

With a rich background in both art and music, Ghost's journey took diverse paths, including years as a tattoo artist and a stint in a recording studio as an engineer and producer. His introduction to glass art was serendipitous, and he embraced the chaotic medium, teaching himself the intricacies of flame working.

Initially crafting pipes and hitters for a start-up production company, Ghost transitioned into the realm of sculptural art. In 2003, he boldly ventured beyond production pipes, creating an iconic piece — an alien cradling a planet. This sculpture, seamlessly blending functionality with artistic expression, became a fixture in the pipe community, replicated far and wide.

Ghost's work stands as a testament to his artistic evolution and mastery of glass as a medium. His contributions to the pipe world have left an indelible mark, with his signature alien sculpture enduring as a staple in pipe shops across America.

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