King Size Slim Artesano Elements

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Elements Artesano King Size Slim rolling papers. Pack containing 33 leaves and a book of roach tips. The easy-seal magnetic pack doubles as a handy rolling tray for those tricky on-the-go builds.

Ready to Go Kit

Roll king size cigarettes everywhere and anywhere with the Artesano pack. The pack contains 33 king size papers, a book of roach and a handy rolling tray to build on. The pack folds back up and is secured with a magnet, so you can slip your kit back into a pocket or purse when not in use.

No Added Chemicals

Elements make all their rolling papers from natural rice paper with no burn agents or added chemicals. The sticking gum is natural sugar gum which burns slowly, creating a caramel that enhances the taste. Each paper is scored with Elements’ exclusive criss-cross watermark which provides a smooth, run-free burn.

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