King Cobra by Niko Cray

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Enter the realm of glass artistry with Niko Cray's King Cobra masterpiece. This exceptional rig commands attention with its regal presence and intricate design. Crafted using a mesmerizing "Vacstack" technique, the King Cobra is adorned in majestic red, yellow, and orange cadmium colors, each defined by delicate white stringers.

The cobra's eyes are a mesmerizing focal point, featuring white, red, and yellow eyeballs with a piercing black pupil. Fangs poised for action add an element of fierceness. The mouthpiece, strategically placed on top of the cobra's head, combines functionality with artistic flair.

Adding to the allure, a black Vacstack with white stringers gracefully winds from the front of the hood down the belly to the tail. This meticulous detail showcases Niko's unparalleled craftsmanship, seamlessly blending form and function to create a captivating King Cobra Rig. Complete with a 14mm ground joint, this glass art masterpiece not only commands attention but also stands as a symbol of Niko Cray's mastery in the world of intricate and mesmerizing creations.

Artist Bio:

Niko Cray, a second-generation glass artist from St. Louis, Missouri, continues a family tradition ignited by his father's 34-year legacy in glassblowing. Introduced to the craft at the age of 6, Niko received his first blow tube, marking the beginning of a journey deeply rooted in the heart of the Midwest.

Drawing inspiration from industry luminaries such as Banjo and Marcel, Niko embraces the rich artistic heritage of St. Louis in his sculptural art, while also appreciating the diverse influences of contemporary glassblowers. His favorite technique, sock flips, reflects a passion for both tradition and innovation.

Amidst the demands of family life, with a wife and son keeping him grounded, Niko finds motivation in the tireless work ethic exemplified by Banjo. Beyond the studio, he enjoys the scenic roads of St. Louis, riding motorcycles with his son, and endeavors to nurture a resilient, young spirit in his family life.

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