Calmbo X Trevy Metal Etched Stand Up Bird W/ Matching Slurper cap

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Introducing a captivating collaboration that reflects the evolution of artistic journeys – a partnership between the acclaimed glass artist Calvin Mickel, fondly known as 'CalM' or 'Calmbo', and the versatile artisan Trevy Metal. CalM's glass artistry is renowned for embodying the essence of natural landscapes, while Trevy Metal's journey began with diverse artistic mediums before transitioning into functional glass art, specifically engraved collaborations, in 2015.

Master of Glass Art and Evolution: CalM, also known as 'Calmbo', has achieved global recognition for his remarkable glass art creations. His signature 'Burds' capture the spirit of desert landscapes and mountain vistas, reflecting the influence of his surroundings. Marbles, honeycombs, and fuming are his forte, with his marbles standing as captivating pieces that invite exploration and appreciation.

Artistic Evolution of Trevy Metal: Trevy Metal's artistic journey initially spanned various forms of art unrelated to glass. However, in 2015, he made his mark in the functional glass art scene, focusing on engraved collaborations. His talent for intricate engravings, executed with a dremel tool, added a unique dimension to his artistic expression within the glass medium.

Fusion of Unique Paths: The collaboration between CalM or Calmbo and Trevy Metal symbolizes the convergence of two distinct artistic trajectories. CalM's mastery in crafting 'Burds' that embody nature's beauty finds a seamless partnership with Trevy Metal's engraved works. This fusion creates a functional glass art piece that showcases their respective talents and shared vision.

Intricate Carving Technique and Artistic Dimensions: Trevy Metal's approach involves layering two colors to create rich tones, using a dremel tool for intricate engravings that bring the glass canvas to life. The captivating "BURD" piece measures approximately 4" in width, 4" in length, and 6" in height, featuring a 10mm ground joint aptly nicknamed "Havok."

Intriguing Color Palette: This particular "BURD" masterpiece embodies CalM's desert and mountain influences. Purple sections intertwine with etched work, complemented by purple claws, a blue beak, and white wings. These elements create a striking contrast against the dark and tan layers, capturing nature's nuances within the glass medium.

Images of Nature and Creativity: Throughout the collaborative sections, Trevy Metal's engraving technique presents a diverse array of images, including random animals and intricate designs. These carefully etched details enhance the artistic depth of the piece, inviting viewers to explore the world of nature and creativity.

Year of Creation: This collaborative piece emerged from the artistic minds of CalM and Trevy Metal in the year 2021, marking a milestone in their respective journeys and a celebration of their combined creativity.

Complete Set: In addition to the captivating "BURD" piece, this collaboration also includes a matching Carb Cap. This complementary accessory enhances the functional aspect of the piece, offering an all-encompassing experience for collectors and enthusiasts.

Quave Banger Collab Charmer Set: This remarkable collaboration also features a Quave Banger collab charmer set adorned with engraved birds around the banger. This exquisite addition further showcases the fusion of artistic talents and their dedication to creating intricate and unique glass art.

Signed and Dated Pelican Case: As a testament to the uniqueness of this collaborative piece, it comes housed in a signed and dated Pelican case. This case not only adds to the piece's value but also offers protection and a memorable touch.

The collaboration between CalM or Calmbo and Trevy Metal underscores the dynamic evolution of artistic paths and the power of partnership. Their combined talents have produced a functional glass art masterpiece that transcends traditional boundaries, reflecting the beauty of nature and the boundless potential of creative collaboration. As collectors embrace this exceptional "BURD" piece, it stands as a testament to the transformative journey of glass artistry and the magic that happens when unique narratives converge.

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