3pk OCB Organic Hemp King Cones

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  • Single Pack containing 3 unbleached king size cones. 
  • Ultra thin and slow burning for the best smoking experience. 
  • Unbleached, vegan, GMO-free bamboo paper. 

Enjoy America's first bamboo rolling papers with OCB Bamboo Cones, made from one of nature's fastest growing, most sustainable materials: bamboo.

The bamboo for these papers are responsibly harvested and never bleached, leaving them chlorine- and dye-free for the cleanest smoking experience. These King Size bamboo cones can hold 1.2 grams of your favorite material for a long smoking session you can share. Each pre-rolled cone are rolled with a tip and include a cardboard packing tube to make filling and packing a breeze.

Each pack contains 3 king size cones.

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