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The Wulf Micro Plus by Wulf Mods is an innovative portable vaporizer that was designed to produce an incredible vape experience. Adding to its versatility, the Wulf Micro Plus has four variable voltage settings including 2.8V, 3.4V, 3.7V and 4.2V. This upgraded device also employs magnetic adapters that help keep the cartridge in place as well as switching out a breeze. Combing a powerful performance and functionality, the Wulf Micro Plus by Wulf Mods is the perfect addition to any vaper’s collection.

Enjoy Sesh-Mode/ Preheat with just two clicks on the single button operating system. Sesh-Mode is a 15 second mode that allows the user to enjoy unless draws during the duration. For thicker oils, this mode is great for preheating the oil down for thicker, more flavorful clouds. The Wulf Micro Plus has four variable voltage settings that can be cycled with three quick clicks of the power button. Each voltage option has an LED light indicator that tells the user which voltage setting they are on. The green light indicates 2.8V, blue indicates 3.4V, yellow light indicates 3.7V and red indicates 4.2V. Additionally, the Wulf Micro Plus features an atomizer capacity of 0.5mL and with an atomizer resistance maximum of 1.2-ohm. The Wulf Micro Plus cartridge incorporates four atomizer holes measuring at 4mm by 2.0mm, ensuring that the user gets an excellent vaping experience, as bigger air holes allow for easier use with thicker oils

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