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Wholesale Special Blue Butane Torch Monster Flames Efficient and Sleek Butane Torch Take your baking to the next level with the Monster Butane Torch from Special Blue. Featuring single and double, adjustable flame for precision torching, the Monster will be a welcome addition to your cooking arsenal. And this torch has more applications than just in the kitchen! Keep it on hand in the living room for a quick and effortless way to light candles, and take it out to quick-start the grill at barbecues. This torch is so powerful, it can also have applications in craft projects of metal or foam, plumbing, and even soldering. Anywhere you need a flame, you can count on the Monster to supply all the heat you need. Lightweight and Refillable Keep a bottle of butane on hand to quickly and easily refill this torch within 5 seconds. Simply fill the torch from the bottom and enjoy a long-lasting flame. Even when full this torch is light weight, weighing less than a pound. Browse our butane selection to find the best purified and refined butane for your needs. Simple Operation Using the Monster is simple! Simply twist the gas release knob on the back to begin the flow of butane, and click the trigger for automatic ignition. Adjust the flame as necessary and, when it's time to stop, turn the gas release dial back all the way to stop the flow. Enjoy perfect creme brulees and light candles and grills without the hassle of a match or getting too close with a traditional lighter. Also Available in Dual Flame If you need more power, check out the Monster 2 Dual Flame Butane Torch! With twice the gas emitters and twice the flame, this torch can more effectively heat an area than this single flame version. Check it out today to see if it's right for you!

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