Line Work Cobra Rig Set - Niko Cray

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Amazing set by Niko Cray which includes the Rig, Dry Pipe, Carb Cap, Terp Pearl & pendant! This seat features custom line work done by Niko cray that everything in the set is made from! This Cobra features a hand done ground joint with Hypnosis eyes and a mouthpiece hole on top of its head. 

 Color(s): custom red, orange and yellow line work with white stringers to separate the colors!

Joint size: 14mm 

Note: most Rigs/ Sets of this caliber include a pelican case (sometime signed) for that extra protection! 

Rig: Approximately L 2.75" x W 3.5" x H 6.5"

Dry Pip: Approximately L 4" x W 2" x H 2.25"

Carb Cap: Approximately L 1" x W 1" x H 2.2"

Terp Pearl: Approximately L .05" x W 0.4" x H 0.5"

Pendant: Approximately L 1.25" x W 1.5" x H 2"

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