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My Bud Vase creates unique and sophisticated smokeable vases from glass, porcelain, ceramic, and other materials sourced from artisans worldwide. This boutique brand aims to empower women while offering an alternative to the typical water pipe. Connoisseurs who prefer an elegant smoking experience will absolutely love the artistry, ingenuity, and femininity of My Bud Vase's stunning collections.The Rosette by My Bud Vase is a petite, curvy piece reminiscent of antique white porcelain that comes with a matching stoneware aqua-colored flower poker. Featuring a fixed downstem and small custom ball, The Rosette represents a distinct sophistication you can only find with the My Bud Vase brand.*Also available in Coral and Mauve.Featured in Forbes, Viceland, High Times, Newsweek, Huff Post, and Fast Company.Features & Specs. Rosette Vase - H: 6.75" inches W: 3 inches Rosette Custom Bowl - 9 millimeters 2.5" small clear bubble bowl Fixed Downstem Matching stoneware flower poker My Bud Vase tag & Certificate of Authenticity What's in the Box. 1x My Bud Vase - Rosette Aqua

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