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AirVape X Portable Vaporizer AirVape X is the perfect combination of elegance and effectiveness. It is the big brother to the AirVape XS, with a 25% larger herb chamber. This dry herb portable vaporizer heats up quickly in less than 20 seconds using both conduction and convection heat technology. The oval-shaped heating ceramic heating chamber and the compartment beneath it accumulate hot air to generate the smoothest vapor and even heating. The kit now includes a concentrate pad insert so you can use it with your waxy oils, too. AirVape X is one of the most portable designs out there. With it's sleek, thin body that allows you to vape with discreetness. Plus, it's super easy to slip into your back pocket or purse. It features a digital display to show the battery level, the exact temperature, and it vibrates when it's ready to go! AirVape X features: Compatible with dry herb and oil concentrates Weighs only 3.2 oz and is .48 inches flat 1300 mAh rechargeable battery 1.3-inch screen display 2-button temperature control Oval ceramic heating element EZ AirPath What's in the box: 1x AirVape X 1x X Shell 1x Concentrates pad insert 1x USB charger cable Replacement filter screens 1x User manual 1x warranty card  

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